Dating Abroad For Veterans

Any military career is going to take you to a few different countries. They might not always be destinations you want to go to, but the U.S. military has bases in around 80 nations. Servicemembers are all over the world and U.S. ships, submarines, and planes are always on the move. Because of this, we commonly date and marry people from foreign countries. Lots of veterans fall in love when they’re stationed around the world from embassy duties to tours to Korea to being stationed in Italy. There seems to be a lack of kindness throughout the dating scene in the states and that’s leading veterans, both men and women to think their ideal partner, situationship, or soulmate might be elsewhere.

We’re already international citizens from our military experiences and that leads us to live abroad, travel more and of course, date abroad. Lots of veterans are viewing the dating scene in the U.S. as toxic with the rise of dating apps, hookup culture, and rising divorce rates. It’s normalized in the states to be sort of indifferent, play games, and have vague intentions. Dating abroad is more straightforward and people are more obvious with what they’re looking for, no matter what that is. That’s not to say the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you’re single maybe its because your ideal partner is in another country.

John’s Note: I’ve been divorced twice so I don’t know why you’re reading this or why anyone would ever listen to me on relationships lol.

3 Reasons For Single Veterans To Move Abroad

  • Dating abroad is more adventurous. You date in the U.S. sitting down and you date abroad on your feet. It feels more active than passive.

  • You can throw your expectations out the window. The last time I was in New York City, I was out with some friends after a show and approached an attractive girl at the bar. I asked if she was single and I could buy her a drink, she gave me a disgusted look and informed me I was too short for her. The month before I had been in Africa on a date with a girl who told me if her and I ever got married I could of course have a second wife. Age gaps, differences of race, height, and backgrounds are more common dating internationally. You can be with who makes you happy.

  • Dating is a great way to experience a new place. You can forget taking boring tours, going on dates to see new places is how you’ll get to know somewhere. People are generally eager to show their favorite places, restaurants, and experiences. Your dates can turn into friends if the romance doesn’t feel right and those are great too.

I have no idea if globetrotting increases your chances of true love, but I know it can be fun. For a lot of veterans, American dating has become a disheartening experience with swiping, ghosting, and nonsense but abroad might offer hope.

Pros to Dating Abroad

It can help you gain a new perspective on the world.

Relationships can have an expiration date (clean and easy break).

You can date other expats as well as locals.

You can leave your baggage behind and start fresh in a new place.

Cons to Dating Abroad

You might have to make some big life changes to maintain the relationship.

Relationships can have an expiration date (sad break).

Over time language barriers can be frustrating and you can have misunderstandings.

John’s Tips

  • Don’t bullshit anyone. If you’re only somewhere for a week, enjoy yourself and be honest. Honesty is always the best principle to operate with.
  • Stay in hostels, you’ll meet a lot of travelers that way. You can also look up Airbnb experiences in different areas, those are often great dates.
  • Use dating apps. It’s the new age and Tinder and other apps are all over the world. Some places have more unique are specific apps, like Thailand has Thai-Friendly. Check out my article on Veterans Living Abroad: Thailand.
  • If you’re a veteran, you should know how to take care of yourself. Don’t be stupid, I don’t know how else to say that. Everyone knows you shouldn’t be taking drinks from strangers.
  • If you’re a female veteran, be careful. Check out this article 10 Ways to Safely Date Abroad.
  • If you’re a male veteran, if you’re drunk at two in the morning and invite a girl over from the club don’t be surprised if she leaves with your cell phone when you pass out.

Dating abroad can come with risks but veterans are risky people. Traveling is one thing you won’t ever regret, check out my article on Travel Therapy For Veterans. I think everyone should date abroad once in their lives. I grew up in a small town in Iowa and a lot of my friends married girls from the same town, built happy lives together and it’s beautiful to see. But we joined the military. Our lives are about thrills, the unknown, and experiences.

To me, everything is temporary from the military, to jobs, to relationships, to life itself. That’s why I want to have a good time while I’m still here. A lot of my military brothers and sisters aren’t around anymore and we owe it to them to live lives worthy of their sacrifice. Follow me on Instagram and TikTok where I’ll post more living abroad content and check out my Veterans Living Abroad articles.

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