90 Days To Your Personal Best

A challenging life is a purposeful life and taking the #FreedomChallenge puts your self-growth in your hands. It’s 90 days separated into three phases to push you to uncover your potential and boost your physical, mental, and emotional fitness. When growth is the goal, comfort becomes the enemy, and this challenge gets you uncomfortable as you pursue your best self.

The #FreedomChallenge is the direct path to an unstoppable you.

The #FreedomChallenge isn’t just about creating personal growth, it’s about building community, closing the civilian-military gap, and putting positivity into the world.

A portion of every sale will be donated to “Suicide Awareness and Remembrance Flag” to combat Veteran suicide.

An overview

It’s 12 weeks and each week has:

  • A workout submitted by a Veteran
  • A workout submitted by an athlete
  • A Challenge to take on
  • A discomfort to embrace

Every phase has:

  • Guidelines to follow
  • Reading recommendations
  • Watching recommendations
  • Listening Recommendations
  • Reflections

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