The Power of Veteran Affirmations

There’s no ignoring the challenges in the veteran experience. We face unique challenges when it comes to our mental health. Every single person is forever changed by the military and nobody coming out of service is the same person that went in.

Our internal narrative, the mental story we tell ourselves determines our reality. Every person struggling with PTSD must stand firm at the gates of their mind to guard against the inevitable negativity and toxicity in this world. When too much bullshit gets through, it leads to problems. Affirmations are one tool in our mental health battles that veterans can use to conquer PTSD, create growth, and reach our potential.

An affirmation routine for veterans isn’t a magic pill but it’s a more powerful weapon than we realize. The law of attraction suggests thinking positivity brings positivity and focusing on negativity brings negativity. In my own mental health struggles, I’ve found this to be true. Veterans with PTSD have to step up and be directors of our own therapy. Self-care doesn’t always come easy, veterans tend to put others first. We look out for other people but often forget ourselves. A daily affirmation routine motivates us to take self-care seriously, to focus on our goals and to believe in ourselves.

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Mastering our thoughts can yield incredible results for those struggling with PTSD. I know from experience that veterans can lean towards dark thoughts and sarcasm. Negative thoughts are impossible to eliminate from our lives, but affirmations can counteract them. I learned in the military – consistency is the key to victory. The more you use affirmations, the stronger they’ll become. You do have the power to manifest what you want out of this life, you are in control, and you are capable of great things. Affirmations can be your personal compass, pointing you towards your goals and inspiring you to achieve them.

Affirmations are more than empty words, they have real power. Veterans believe in the power behind oaths, creeds, and anthems. When I swore into the military, the words carried weight and I felt them in my heart. When veterans say our values, creeds, the words reach into our souls. When we sing our military songs and cadences, it brings us together. By unlocking the power of affirmations, we can lead ourselves to overcome veteran PTSD and live the lives post-service that we deserve.  

10 Benefits of Affirmations for Veteran PTSD

  • Boost emotional health
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Bring out your inner warrior
  • Improve your focus
  • Help you achieve your goals
  • Promote healing
  • Change negative thinking patterns
  • Improve personal values
  • Increase resilience
  • Cultivate a positive mindset

I wrote my book, 365 Days of Veteran Affirmations after a coaching experience where I texted this specific Marine Veteran an affirmation every morning for thirty days. He told me how every day he looked forward to getting them, how he’d repeat the daily affirmation throughout the day, and it helped him with his PTSD. This veteran typed them out, printed them and shared them with his PTSD group. The counselor contacted me and said she shared them with other PTSD counselors, and they were using them in their program. It opened my eyes to the power of positive affirmations for those struggling with PTSD.  Since writing my book and getting feedback from veterans who start their day every day with my affirmations I believe even more in the power of affirmations for my veteran community.

22 Affirmations For My Fellow Veterans

  1. I am a veteran, I have purpose and conviction.
  2. My life is my mission, I will fight and win.
  3. I’m stronger than my demons and my enemies.
  4. I refuse to let my PTSD win.
  5. Strength is in my nature; victory is my destiny.
  6. I seek out opportunities to lift up other veterans.
  7. I don’t need to be perfect, being a flawed veteran is enough.
  8. I am not my trauma; PTSD is an experience I’m going through.
  9. When I fail, I’ll hold my head high. Honor is in my DNA.
  10. I don’t compare myself to other veterans, I’m on my own journey.
  11. I am a trailblazer, committed to creating new opportunities for myself after the military.
  12. I will not be manipulated by anyone.
  13. I can’t be a veteran and not be a little crazy. I’ll embrace that.
  14. In every fight, I’m going to go the distance.
  15. I am allowing my body and mind to heal.
  16. I’m aware of my military scars and proud of my past.
  17. My life is supposed to be an adventure, I’m the hero of my veteran story.
  18. I’ll pay attention today to my PTSD triggers.
  19. I may have to fight the same battle more than once to win it.
  20. My PTSD will not hijack my life.
  21. Asking for help or calling for support is a good thing.
  22. My PTSD might knock me down, but I’ll get back up.

I’ve struggled on my journey, with my combat experiences, military transition, and PTSD. I’ve had the people I served with in Afghanistan come back only to kill themselves. I’ve discovered on my own healing journey, affirmations help. It’s a treatment for PTSD that not many people consider but it’s my mission to get the word out to people with PTSD the awesome power of affirmations tailored for veterans. Affirmations do have a positive impact on the brain and body soothing our stress and anxiety. One thing that is particularly helpful for veterans is that affirmations can increase self-love.

Infuse positivity into your day by utilizing affirmations. If you have PTSD, be kind to yourself in both word and deed. The world has been hard enough on you already, a daily affirmation will help you reframe your negative thoughts and rewire your mind. We have more control over our lives and thoughts than we think we do and by choosing positive thoughts over negative ones, you’ll change your life. When you have PTSD, it’s like negative thoughts are on replay, an evil soundtrack in your head that you can’t switch off. An affirmation routine is putting on a new soundtrack, with better music.

Affirmations are only words without action, taking action is key on your road to recovery. Affirmations are motivation for that action because PTSD can breed inaction. My PTSD trapped me within my mind and affirmations lifted me out of that dark mental space. Affirmations can help you too, check out my book 365 Days of Veteran Affirmations to get your daily dose of military themed affirmations.

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