365 Days of Veteran Affirmations

Throughout this book you’ll find 365 affirmations written directly for veterans. Using veteran lingo, culture, creeds and values. The veteran life can be a challenge for even the strongest among us and daily affirmations are one tool in life’s battles. Through these daily veteran affirmations you will:

• Boost your emotional health
• Increase self-confidence
• Embrace your inner warrior
• Build mental strength
• Improve focus and set goals
• Promote healing
• Achieve your goals

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#FreedomChallenge: 90 Days To Your Personal Best

#FreedomChallenge 90 Days To Your Personal Best A challenging life is a purposeful life and taking the #FreedomChallenge puts your self-growth in your hands. It’s 90 days separated into three phases to push you to uncover your potential and boost your physical, mental, and emotional fitness. When growth is the goal, comfort becomes the enemy, […]

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Combat to College

Combat to College Applying the Military Mentality as a Student Veteran Combat to College is the guide for student veterans who want to win the college battle. Utilize the unique skills and discipline you gained in the military to succeed in higher education. In ten straightforward lessons designed by a veteran for veterans, you will […]

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Student Veteran Semester Journal

Going from the extremely structured nature of the military into college is a tough transition. This journal is designed to keep student veterans on track throughout their semester and to forge a winning path forward. College, the military, and life are all battles. Use every resource at your disposal to win and keep winning.

Let’s get to work.

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